In 2006, while Jangchup Lingpa was having usual discussion on Tibet with Sethu Das, founder of Friends of Tibet, the idea of Think Tibet was formulated. In 2007 following Jangchup Lingpa’s college graduation, Think Tibet was founded with an objective to work for Tibet. It is co-founded by Aravinda Anantharaman who also play pivotal roles 
in the inception and in all the various initiatives. It is their joint effort and dream to bring various programs, projects and initiatives in the Tibetan community in India involving people from around the world. We thank everyone who has supported us in every way and we look forward to bringing the best 
of our ability to bring more innovative and continuous work on Tibet.

We strive to maintain objectivity and balance in its treatment of issues. We cover programs like Film festivals, Taste of Tibet and Tibet Talk through which we connect with greater audiences about various aspects of Tibet. It is our constant endeavor to encourage, support and serves our community at large through different initiatives. Our projects like story books
 and theatre workshop aim at bringing a sense of community and strive in contributing towards staying connected with our identity.

We are a non-governmental organization and do not have any political or religious affiliation and overtures. We are resolutely committed to being a catalyst for change. We believe in Mahatma Gandhi ji’s saying “we must be the change that one wishes to see” in society.

We are extremely thankful to our associates and individuals who are always behind us in our endeavor.