REWA -50 years of hope


This collaborative project was planned and executed by VAC@1.Shanthiroad and Think Tibet.


The Tibetan people have been living in India for half a century now. In the south, their settlements have been on the fringes of the local communities, quiet, unobtrusive and remarkably self-sufficient. As a people, they are deeply spiritual, committed to following the Buddhist way of the middle path, one that is advocated strongly by their own spiritual head, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. As a community in exile, their yearning to return home to the mountains runs deeply. But living in the plains of south India, their voices, like their prayers, are just thrown to the winds to be carried forth.

The idea for a mixed media exhibition came from two factors – that Tibetans in exile have managed the supremely difficult task of retaining their cultural identity through the generations born and raised in India; and the struggle for freedom continues even among the generation born and raised so far away from their homeland.

Going beyond images and words, the three-dimensional perspective is designed to allow visitors to touch, feel and smell the reality of such an existence. The more obvious aspects of Tibetan life in exile such as prayers, occupations, food, games are layered against the deeper issues of struggle for freedom, the isolation of a community in a “camp”(as the settlement addresses go), and the sense of waiting that has dominated the last 50 years.

VAC @1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery in collaboration with Think Tibet is planning a three day event, “50 years of Hope” that will showcase the culture, resistance and hope of half a century in exile. The curated show will present a multi-dimensional exhibition of elements that are integral to Tibetan culture.